Terms and Conditions

Abbot Hall Dog Grooming
Please note when you book an appointment, you are agreeing to these following terms and conditions.


*Health & welfare: My top priority is keeping your dog healthy and comfortable. I provide a service in compliance with The Animal Welfare Act 2006. Practicing animal welfare is at the centre of all measures. All grooming treatments for dogs are carried out in accordance with these general terms and conditions and professional quality principles. Your dog will only ever be groomed according to its tolerance of the process. If dogs are fearful of any of the procedures carried out during grooming, a workaround or alternative will have to be used.
*Appointments: I work by appointment only. If you are unable to attend a booked appointment, I ask that you please cancel the appointment in good time, at least 24 hours in advance so that I can reassign the appointment. If an appointment is not cancelled in time or you do not show up, I have to reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of £30. I also reserve the right to accept or refuse service to anyone, this will be at my discretion.
*Prices: The prices shown on the price list are a guide line to regularly groomed dogs in normal condition. A more precise quote cannot be given until I have seen the dog and know your requests. A price can be agreed beforehand, however on the unlikely event there should be unforeseen surprises the price may increase providing it does not exceed £20 pounds of the agreed price. The main services that arise that are billed as additional expenses are, hand stripping, shave downs, de-matting, flea treatment, extreme conditions and extra handling skills or time delays due to restlessness or temperament issues. Prices are non-negotiable and to be paid when your dog is picked up. Dogs must be picked up at the time arranged by the owner unless stated otherwise.
*Liability: It must be understood and agreed that whilst every care and attention is always given to all dogs they are accepted at the owner’s risk. My first concern is for the welfare of the dog in the unlikely event of injury or illness while in my care, Abbot Hall Dog Grooming reserves the right to seek veterinary help. Unless it can be clearly shown that Abbot Hall Grooming is liable, all cost in the connection and in the carrying out of this shall be at the owner’s expense. Abbot Hall Dog Grooming cannot be held liable for injury or illnesses suffered by the dog during the absence of its owner or during the grooming period. Any injury or sickness noticed due to grooming must be reported immediately. Abbot Hall Dog Grooming is not liable if damage is caused by force majeure, if the animal escapes despite precautionary measures and damage is caused to a third party or if damage is caused by care products in spite of proven compatibility. This also applies if, despite precautionary measures, damage occurs due to excessive matting with the need to shave the coat back completely or excessive restlessness of the dog.
*Important history information: It is the owner’s responsibility to inform me of any important health, behaviour and incident history regarding their dog. If a dog exhibits aggression or behaviour I have not been informed of prior to the groom, the session will be stopped immediately and the full fee will have to be still charged. I must be informed prior to grooming of any previous history of biting or aggression for the safety of all. I reserve the right to refuse to groom any dog I believe may cause injury to itself or myself.
*Photos and video release: I like to take photographs and videos of the dogs I groom and use them for my website or social media, by booking an appointment you are agreeing to Abbot Hall Dog Grooming using photographs or videos of your dog. Therefore, the owner must please inform me if they do not want me to do so. In the event of photos or videos used that are later asked to be removed by the owner will be removed immediately with no questions asked.
*Data protection: The data stored about the dog or its owner will be treated confidentially in accordance with data protection regulations.