The Salon

My new salon is a quaint, newly renovated and decorated 30 m2 outhouse that was historically part of the old farm belonging to Abbot Hall Farm house. For several years to just recently it was also “The Buttonhole Florist”. It has a fully equipped, bright and practical workroom with a comfortable and welcoming separate reception area. It has heating and air conditioning to be able to keep the workroom an ideal temperature all year round. There is a little enclosed terrace right outside the salon front door giving it a double security door for extra safety. This leads straight out into the yard with private customer parking. The entrance to the yard is at the junction at the top of Mitchelgate.
It is tucked away behind the house from the road next to the gardens giving it a very tranquil and relaxed feel. At the same time, it is in the town itself with easy access. I take pride in doing my best to make the space friendly and inviting yet always clean and safe at all times. Safety and hygiene are priorities high on my list. I use up to date techniques with high quality equipment and products. All products I use are as natural and gentle as possible.



How I work
The environment that I prefer to work in is one of minimum stress, and low risk. Not just for the dog but for myself as well. For me personally I can achieve this by working only one-to-one. I call this “salon exclusivity”. There is only one dog at a time in the grooming room. I do not rush and allow for a gap between appointments to sanitize, clean and tidy up before my next customer. I give each dog my full undivided attention while in my care. My goal is for the experience to be as satisfying, relaxed and enjoyable as possible for all involved.
So I have to only work strictly by appointment and only one appointment at a time. The quoted price includes “salon exclusivity”. This helps me provide a calm and safe environment. The only time more than one dog is allowed in the grooming room is when they are from the same household. Last but not least I of course work fully insured.


Time Keeping
My appointment slots are timed to each individual dog, with a period of time to try and prevent any overlap. This ensures I don’t have to rush to complete your dog, that I have time to prepare for the next and that your visit goes as smoothly as possible. The appointment time given, is the time I expect customers to show up. If early for your appointment, I may not be able to attend you. If late I may not be able to groom your dog. I appreciate that sometimes people may need to rearrange or cancel their dog’s appointment but I do need to ask for at least 24 hours notice so I can fill that slot. Except in extreme circumstances I will have to charge a £30 fee for failing to show or cancellation with less than 24 hours notice. Thank you for your understanding.