Full Grooms include:

  • Consultation and maintenance advice.
  • Visual basic health check.
  • Nail trimming,  ear and eye cleaning.
  • Deep double wash and conditioning.  
  • Fluff dried by hand.
  • Use of natural quality products specific to dog’s coat type and needs.
  • Clipping, cutting & styling to breed standard or request.
  • De-shedding and undercoat removal if applicable.
  • Introduction sessions for puppies.


Extra small dogs – from £40
(e.g. Yorkie, mini breeds etc…)


Small dogs – from £45
(e.g. Westie, Shih Tzu etc…)


Medium small dogs – from £50
(e.g. Cockapoo,  medium Poodle etc…)


Short coated dogs  – from £30 
(e.g. Pug, French Bulldog etc… )



These prices are a basic guideline and vary for each dog depending on size, condition, temperament, needs and grooming schedules. A more precise quote cannot be given until I have seen the dog and know your requests.
The main services that arise that can be billed as additional expenses are, hand stripping, shave downs, de-matting, flea treatment, extreme conditions and extra handling skills or time delays due to restlessness or temperament issues.
Please note I work under the Animal Welfare Act, I only shave down badly matted dogs.