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My Story
My name is Kate Paget-Tomlinson, I was born in Kendal and my family are from Kirkby Lonsdale. As well as being passionate about fitness, yoga, spirituality, photography and travel I have also always had a huge love for nature and animals especially dogs. I grew up in Spain in an animal friendly home, in fact it was a bit of a zoo with all the animals I would rescue from the streets. My dream as a child was to work with animals however at first my life evolved a bit differently. I ended up traveling and living in different places around the world working as a fitness trainer and a yoga teacher.
Then some years back I decided to change my career to allow me to finally work with animals, in this case dogs. As a youngster I would help out in animal rescue centres in Spain and France and I quickly learned how important regular grooming and maintenance are for a dog’s welfare and wanted to become a dog groomer.
I did my dog grooming training here in the UK.  But at the time I lived in Germany and after my training I opened my own dog grooming salon there. I am happy to say it was a great success and I loved it, Germany treated me very well. But after being up and running for about 5 years the time came when home and family were calling. So I am excited to have returned home to open my own little dog grooming salon in Kirkby Lonsdale.
Why do I only offer grooming for smaller dogs? In Germany I groomed dogs of all shapes and sizes in my salon and had many big dog customers. Unfortunately, my double jointed elbows (hypermobility) did not hold out well. This made it obvious that if I want to keep grooming dogs, which I do, I am going to have to stick to smaller sized dogs from now on. I will be grooming dogs up to about 30 pounds / 14 kilos in weight.
Why the heart in my logo?  “Easy, I groom dogs with love, I love dogs and I love grooming them!”


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My philosophy
I have always spent a lot of time with animals, especially dogs as I have had many of my own. Life without them just doesn’t seem right, as if something is missing. I have learnt that all animals are intelligent, emotional and loving beings with feelings and emotions and are entitled to always be treated with love, care and respect. In fact, it is my personal experience that we can learn so much from them.
What I have learnt at work and at home interacting with dogs helps me to be a more conscious, present, caring, relaxed and happier person. I truly believe if we can take the time to listen and be aware, they are communicating with us all the time. I have experienced that in my job it is important to be clear with the dogs, as in what my intentions are and what I need from them, but to also be aware and respect how they are feeling and experiencing everything that is happening around them and to them. I find the more understanding and consideration I give a dog and practice staying calm and relaxed myself while grooming them, the more they feel safe and willing to cooperate, even in a process they may not be too excited about. Each dog is an individual with its own personality and character and can teach us something if we can be open to it. This is one of the aspects that makes my job so rewarding and why I appreciate every dog I meet.



My principles and goals
I am grateful for the trust from every customer that puts their dog in my care. For me it is an honour to get the opportunity to help people keep their dogs looking good and feeling healthy and happy. Regular grooming is an important contribution to a dog’s well-being. Happy dogs, make me happy!
My priority is the dog’s health, well-being and comfort. It means a lot to me to always work under the Animal Welfare Act, especially putting welfare over vanity. At the same time and always taking into consideration the dogs capability to cooperate and tolerate, I like to try to make every dog look and feel its best because this is what I enjoy.
I aim to offer a welcoming, loving and calm environment where dogs can go through the grooming process as stress free as possible. I try to give the dog a sense of security and love hoping to gain its trust and respect. I treat every dog as my own and like to work without rushing in a relaxed and caring atmosphere.
My intentions are to always do my best, give my all to whatever I do and to offer excellent tailored service leaving my customers and myself satisfied and content.



My qualification
I have been working as a dog groomer since 2015. I am a fully qualified dog groomer/stylist.
I did my “City & Guilds Dog Grooming Training Level 2 and 3” in 2015 at the award winning “Look North Grooming and Training Centre” one of the top dog grooming training centres in the UK, to obtain my “City & Guilds Level 3 Dog Grooming Certificate “. It is a thorough theoretical and practical training that addresses every aspect of the profession of dog groomer. I was professionally trained by Zoe Duffy and Joanne Angus.
In February 2018, after 3 years of experience I completed further qualifications again at “Look North Grooming and Training Centre”, to obtain my “City & Guilds Level 3 Certificate and Diploma for Dog Grooming Stylist.”
Because there are many different areas and aspects to this career and the fact that they are ever evolving there is always more to learn on many levels. I have been since my training and will always be continuing my professional development by attending seminars, workshops and grooming competitions as much as possible. This is another quality of dog grooming that I enjoy and helps keep it interesting and fresh.


City & Guilds Dog Grooming Training Level 2 and 3 , 2015


City & Guilds Level 3 Certificate and Diploma for Dog Grooming Stylist, 2018: